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  This section of the Train Station points to resources that are intended to help you begin building your web site
     Note that clicking on the links will bring up a new browser window. You can switch back and forth between the Train Station and the provided links by clicking on the different browser windows.
     Topics listed here include: Dictionaries, General Developer Resources, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Appearance (Images, Clip Art, Colors), Users & Navigation, Style, Extras (HTML editors, counters, etc.).


HTML and Hypertext Terms
Short glossary of WWW related terms from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Very comprehensive list of Internet related terms. Includes a handy Pocket Dictionary option that will leave a small floating window open for use while you surf the web.


Homesteading the Web for Librarians
Workshop created by Chris Rippel specifically for librarians new to web development.


HTML Code Tutorial
Free Reference Guide for Help with HTML Tags, including Form, Frames, Tables, and a HTML Quick Reference List

Collection of HTML writing aids and examples. Sections include: the basics, the not-quite-so basics, the not-at-all basics, everything you always wanted to know about HTML, and what not to do.

Introduction to HTML
Well executed tutorial from Case Western Reserve University. Most users get through in two to four hours. Only covers HTML basics (up to HTML 3.2).

WebMonkey HTML Tutorial
Begins at the beginning, and goes on to very advanced HTML.

W3C's HTML Page
Most current HTML specifications from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Web Developer's Virtual Library - HTML
Includes information on HTML 4.

NCSA (at UIUC) Beginner's Guide to HTML
Start with this very thorough introduction to HTML.

CODING: JavaScript

WebMonkey JavaScript Tutorial
Learn to write your own javascripts.

JavaScript Source
Don't have time to learn JavaScript on your own? Copy some of these for free.

Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
Extensive resource for developers. Archives contain many free javascripts to copy.
Register for free access to discussion groups, news, and cut-and-paste javascripts.


Kneedeep in Java
Advanced discussion of Java - not meant for beginners.

The Java Boutique
Learn to write your own Java applets or borrow someone else's.

Java tutorials, news, and resources.

APPEARANCE: Images, Clip Art, Colors

Library Media & PR graphics
"At the Library Series" GIFs and JPEGs. Each 225 by 150 pixels.

Hundreds of icons, sorted by theme.

Clip Art Connection
"One of the largest single clip-art resources on the web since 1995."

Super Color Chart
Allows comparisons of background color and text only. Does not include link colors.


From the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST). Test your website for accessibility. Slow, but easy to use.

STYLE: Dos and Don'ts

Web Style Manual
Comprehensive guide to web design. Very academic feel with lots of text. Also available as a PDF file.

EXTRAS: HTML Editors, Counters, etc.

HTML editors for Win95, Win98, and WinNT
Stroud's Consummate Winsock Applications List. Includes short descriptions as well as full reviews of downloadable HTML editors for Windows95, Windows98, and WindowsNT.

Software for Windows and Mac users. Includes short descriptions, ratings, and links to download sites. Find many HTML editors here.

Statistics on Blue Skyways
Information about getting statistics for your Blue Skyways website.

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