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  Here you'll find information covering computing basics. Note that clicking on the links will bring up a new browser window. You can switch back and forth between the Train Station and the provided links by clicking on the different browser windows.


Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing
Over 11,000 entries, detailed definitions, with a no-frills interface. Includes hardware, software, theory, and history.

4,000 entries, arranged by subject categories.


User Guides from Microsoft


Apple's MacOS
Have a Macintosh computer? Go here to find the latest information on the Macintosh's operating system
"A complete guide of every Macintosh and MacOS-Compatible in the world, with detailed technical, configuration, and pricing information."

Apple's Tech Info Library
"Apple's knowledgebase with product information, technical specifications, and troubleshooting information." Updated daily.

MacAssistant: Tips and Tutorial Newsletter
"When user friendly is not enough."


Introduction to DOS
Shows what can be done with this early operating system. Text only.

Web-Based Guide to DOS
From the book DOS the Easy Way. List of DOS commands and examples of their uses.


Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Handbook
Troubleshooting advice and basic computer problem solving from Rose Nelson, Automation Consultant for the South Central Kansas Library System. Tips and Tricks
Divided into subjects, and then labeled for Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced users.

Windows95 Annoyances
For intermediate to advanced users who want ways to get around Windows95 "features." According to the site, "those seeking an unbiased or politically correct resource should look elsewhere." Site includes a search engine and an index.

Windows98 Annoyances
Launched March 1998. Updated frequently.

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