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  Mailing List (def.) A discussion group organized around a particular topic who communicate via email. Usually accompanied by an automated system of subscription and distribution.

Newsgroup (def.) A part of the Internet which allows users to post and reply to messages from other users, like a bulletin board. Broken into many different subjects (approx. 25,000) newsgroup titles usually begin with a three or four letter prefix followed by a ".", alt., soc., comp., misc., rec., and sci., to name a few.


Kansas lists for librarians
Group of lists found to be useful for librarians in Kansas, especially kanlib-l. Features automatic subscription from web page.
Search for mailing lists and also read past archives of many lists.

Nationwide listservs on all topics
Searchable index of lists organized by title and subject.


Deja News
Google Groups contains the entire archive of Usenet discussion groups dating back to 1981. Allows you to both search and browse through newsgroups via a web interface.


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