Blue Skyways Training

Purpose of this session:

The purpose of this training is to introduce the beginner to World Wide Web page design and provide a context for continuing independent education in the area. The ultimate goal is for the trainees to be able to present timely, relevant information concerning their organization on the World Wide Web in a clear and well-designed manner.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Create World Wide Web pages that adhere to good design principles
  • Upload practice HTML pages to a web server

Hypertext Markup Language

Preparing your Page: What should be on a library page?

Section One: HTML, an introduction

Section Two: Paragraphs, line breaks, horizontal rules, headers, and centering text

Section Three: Hypertext links, inserting graphics, graphic links, and mailtos

Section Four: Lists and background images

Tables (KUMC tutorial): Using grids as layout tools for your web page

Design Considerations: Images, hypermedia, web cliches, consistent layout

Evaluation: Fill out this online form when you're done

Additional Resources

Yale C/AIM Web Style Manual
Doctor HTML
Compendium of HTML elements
Bare Bones Guide to HTML

KU Medical Center Online Tutorials
Blue Skyways Resources for Information Providers
Steps to Publishing on Blue Skyways
Homesteading the Web for Librarians

Recommended HTML Books

Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 3.2 in a Week
by Laura Lemay
ISBN 1-57521-192-0
Price: $29.99

HTML Sourcebook, 2nd Edition
by Ian S. Graham
ISBN 0-471-14242-5
Price: $29.99

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