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The Skyways Train Station is a starting point for users to learn more about computing and the Internet   

Track One: The Basics
Terms, Dictionaries, DOS, Windows, Macintoshes

Skyways Training Materials
The Intro to HTML class taught around Kansas, including how to create an online form.

Web Accessibility
Using good web site design practices will help ensure that your pages meet the accessibility guidelines.

Track Two: The Internet
Terms, success stories, Web browsing, Netscape, Acrobat Reader, files
Track Three: Email
Eudora, Netscape mail, signatures, attaching files, finding addresses, netiquette
Track Four:
Lists & Groups

Listservs, Discussion Groups, and Usenet newsgroups
Track Five: Policies
Ethics, policies, copyright, 
filtering and censorship.
Track Six:
Web Site Creation

Terms, samples, HTML, style, color, editors, counters, Java
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