Minneola, Kansas

Founded: 1887
Population: 705
Elevation: 2548 feet
Latitude: 37° 26' 36" N
Longitude: 100° 00' 53" W
School District: USD 219, Minneola (620) 885-4372
ZIP code: 67865 - Area Code: 620


        Minneola is located in Clark, [CA], county at the intersection of highways US-54 and US-283. It's laid out in a common pattern for Kansas towns: the tracks and elevators at one end and a school at the other end of the main street. The countryside is flat and well suited to agriculture which has been the basis for the local economy. Recently, people who work in Dodge City have begun settling here also.


        Settlement in this area began with Appleton which was laid out in March 1885; its population reached 250 that year. When the C. R. I. & P. railroad came through in early 1887 (first passenger train was February 16, 1887), it missed Appleton by a mile or so. A new town sprang up by the tracks and lots were offered free to occupants of Appleton. The Appleton bank moved to Minneola in the spring of 1887.

        The land speculation of the times is amazing. The quarter section just north of modern US-54 went from $200.50 in February 1887 to $2000.00 in June. The land just south of that went from $200.00 in August 1886 to $4283.27 in June 1887.

        The Minneola Record began publishing August 14, 1906 and is now the oldest business in town. In the first issue, the S. L. Clute Hardware, Harness, & Implement Store offered the "reliable self-regulating Waupun windmill" for $31. Shorty's Cafe offered "a good meal" for 30 cents according to an ad in the May 19, 1932 Record.

        The Statton House (or Hotel), built in 1908, served Minneola until it was torn down in 1941.

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