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Old car in early Windom, Kansas

Early Windom

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   City of Windom

Located in Castle Township on western edge of McPherson County. Town plat filed on January 11, 1881.  First called Laura then for a short time Leeds and Hallville.  Windom became the official name in 1884. 

   Original stone house

Located 3 miles north of Windom on northern edge of Castle township. Buffalo wallows can be seen at this site also. 

   Grave site of first family in Windom

George Gubernator family of five who died of diptheria. Graves are a half mile south of Windom on sand road, west side. 

   Cotton Wood Tree

Declared one of the State's largest trees, 27½ feet around. Located four and three fourths miles south of Windom on the sand road, east side. 

   Andover Lutheran Church

Located five miles south of Windom on the sand road and one fourth east.  Established as a Swedish community with its own cemetery. 

   Santa Fe Trail Site

Located five miles south of 56 highway on Plum Street road and one half west.  There the Cottonwood Cemetery site can be seen as well as rifle pits.  In the surrounding area are the original wagon tracks, historic cottonwood tree.  D.A.R.  marker and stone corral.  These points of interest are in Rockville township, Rice County. 

This information was gathered by the Windom Booster Club and the City of Windom for a special tour on June 4, 1995

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