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Each fall, on the first day of pheasant season, Windom celebrates in a big way. From 6:00 to 1:00, the Lions Club Pancake Feed is held at the volunteer Fire Department.

Windom United Methodist Church Bazaar is held the same day.

   The Community Picnic will be held Aug. 7, 2011.

   Sr. Citizens Fish Fry is held in November, admittance by Free Will Offering.

   Fire Department Pig Roast/Covered Dish hosted by the Windom Fire Department for all persons living in the Windom Fire District is held the 1st Saturday in December.

   Each Easter the Windom Booster Club sponsors an Easter Egg Hunt for community children.

   Memorial Day the Windom Booster Club sponsors memorial services at the Windom Cemetery. All graves are decorated, the local churches and the Little River American Legion participate in the service. Following the service the crowd is invited to the Windom Sr. Center for coffee and dounuts courtesy of the Windom Booster Club. During the week preceeding Memorial Day pictures of local veterans from all conflicts are on display at the Windom Sr. Center.

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