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Aerial view of Wilmore, KS
Aerial view of Wilmore
  · 57 (2000)
  · 78 (1990)
Elevation: 2022 feet
Latitude: 37° 20' 9" N
Longitude: 99° 12' 35" W
ZIP code: 67155
Area Code: 620
      Wilmore is nestled in a valley in northeast Comanche, [CM], county. It has a pretty site in a small valley. A paved road leads south to US 160; a good unpaved road leads west to US 183. On the east side of town, another good unpaved road leads through pretty ranching country to Belvidere in Kiowa County.

Schools and churches were on the heights at the south end of town; it's a shame that such a fine collection of school buildings is abandoned and deteriorating.

The building now housing the Federated church is an imposing brick structure with a large stained glass window. There's a nice Stan Herd mural on the side of the grain elevator.

Internet  Services   Haviland Telephone Company   620-862-5211
PO Box 308 / Haviland, KS 67059
In the 620 area 1-800-339-8052 or 1-800-287-7905
Provides Internet Services for Argonia, Coats, Conway Springs, Cullison, Haviland, Isabel, Mullinville, Nashville, Norwich, Riverdale, Sawyer, & Wilmore.
Library   Wilmore Library   (620) 738-4464

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