Population:  48 (2000)        Russell County
 Elevation:  1711 feet    
 Latitude:  39° 07' 6"N    
 Longitude:  98° 47' 52" W    
 ZIP code:  67673    
 Area Code  785    

The City of Waldo is Located in the northern portion of Russell County, Kansas. It is on the stretch of road where both US Highway 281 and Kansas Highway 18 are the same road. It is about 20 miles north of Russell, the county seat.

In early 1870 settlers started arriving before all of the Indians left. In 1887 the Salina, Lincoln, Western railroad came up through the Wolf Creek Valley. Waldo became a town on October 1, 1888.

On April 3, 1911 several people met with the Board of County Commissioners of Russell County on the matter of incorporating the Town of Waldo as a City of the 3rd class. The board set the first election for the city on May 2, 1911.

Special Events  

 Picture Taken of Waldo around 1915    Aerial View of Waldo around 1994

 The Heritage Center is located in a room in The Waldo Senior Center. It was started after several people wanted to have a place to show some of the history of the city of Waldo and surrounding community. It has items either loaned or donated that has significance to Waldo's History. It has a section for the veterans that lived in the Community. The annual pictures are on display starting around the thirties until the last graduating class in 1964. Because there have been several different businesses over the years, there are various pictures and momento's from those businesses. There is also some School History.

If you have anything that relates to the City of Waldo and would be interested in either donating or loaning the material please contact either Carolyn Schultz at 785 525-6427 or Albert Clow 785 942-3365. At present the museum is only open by appointment which may be made by contacting the above people.

   Waldo has a fine Senior Center. It was built in 1957 as the Waldo grade and High School. The last seniors graduated in 1964. The grade school remained open until 1979. It was purchased from the school district. A grant was used to refurbish the Center with matching funds being from the volunteer help from the City and Surrounding Community. The Senior Center has a kitchen and dining area, and the gymnasium is used as either a play area when the weather is inclimate, or for other purposes. There is also a large outdoor play area. It is used for the monthly community supper, Lions Club meetings, family get togethers and any other purpose that the community has a request for the building.


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