Barber County

  Sharon, Kansas

  Founded: 1879
  Population: 256 (1990) 283 (1980)
  Latitude: 37° 14' 55" N
  Longitude: 98° 25' 13' W
  Elevation: 1464 feet
  School District: USD 254
  ZIP code: 67138
  Area Code: 620

Home of Martina McBride - our Sharon Rose

Located in eastern Barber [BA] County, Sharon lies between US-160 and a little-used railroad.  St. Boniface Church (1949) and School (1958) are well-maintained but the parochial school is no longer open.  The nearby public schools are down to three grades; the rest of the kids are bused into Medicine Lodge.

Wisner Library
Wisner Library

The Wisner Library in downtown is in a beautiful old brick building.  Inside, most of the books are kept in old glass-front wood cabinets.








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