Selden Public Library in Selden, Kansas

City Of Selden

P. O. Box 54
Selden, KS 67757

(785) 386-4450

 Minutes of Meetings



Jacque Boultinghouse, 785-386-4450 (city office)

City Council-

Ellis Walker
Danielle Schiltz

Bernard Koerperich

Elaine Koerperich

Steve Rogers


City Employees

City Superintendent: LeRoy Spresser, 785-386-4450 (city office)

City Clerk: Jacque Neff, 785-386-4450 (city office)
City Treasurer: Laura Ritter, 785-386-4450 (city office) 
City Attorney: Ken Eland, 785-675-3217

City Newspaper

Hoxie Sentinel 785-675-3321

Law Enforcement

Sheridan County Sheriff's Department 785-675-3481 


FIRE:   911 or 785-386-4298 (for reporting active fires only)

       Volunteer Fire Department
            Sheridan County Fire Chief: Ross Carder
POLICE:   911
Sheridan County Sheriff Department: 785-675-3481
  Selden: 911
  Rexford: 785-462-6002 
  Oberlin: 785-475-2422 
  Hoxie: 785-675-3281 


   Selden Public Library 785-386-4321 / E-mail:


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