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Former Chief Marc Limon & Princess Heather Figger Each year the Satanta Chamber of Commerce invites local high school students to apply for the positions of Chief and Princess Satanta. The Chamber Board members study the applications and then interview the candidates. Each applicant must tell a brief history of Kiowa Chief Satanta and of the town of Satanta, as well as answer other questions from the board.

The Satanta Day parade begins every year with the installation of the new Chief & Princess Satanta. In full Indian dress, the outgoing Chief surrenders his headdress to the incoming Chief. The tradition of choosing a high school boy and girl to represent Chief Satanta and Princess Satanta began in 1958. These students represent Satanta at many area festivities throughout their year-long rein. A Medicine Man has also been chosen in some years. Scroll down for a listing of former Chiefs and Princesses.

Installation Ceremony
Photos by Trena Slater
Former Chief & Princess Daniel Williams & Trini Najera
The former Chief & Princess approach from the south.
Medicine Man Rylan Walters, Chief Rudy Rankin & Princess Natalie McDonald
The incoming Chief and Princess and Medicine Man approach from the north.
Chief & Princess Installation
They meet, and the ceremony begins.
Chief & Princess Installation
The chiefs exchange headdresses.
Chief & Princess Installation
The peace pipe is shared.
Chief & Princess Installation
The ceremonial shawl is passed.
Chief & Princess Installation
The horse is passed...
Chief & Princess Installation
..and the new chief mounts.

Satanta Chiefs & Princesses:

1958 Dean Crone Ralph Hicks
1959 Calvin Hoskinson Ralph Hicks
1960 Elwin Hockett Virginia Blair
1961 John Anderson Beverly Weber
1962 Larry Anthony Gloria Kline
1963 Junior Webber Sherry Stutts
1964 Owen "Butch" Dale Jorja Black
1965 Rod Shotton Carolyn Preedy
1966 Jon Weise Cathy Helton
1967 Rodney Kelly Jeanine Miles
1968 Randy Jones ZoAnn Davis
1969 Chuck Tatro Pat Johnston
1970 Eldon Swink Patty Maturey
1971 Bruce Weeks Donna Brown
1972 Larry Bryant Pam Helton
1973 Charles Moore Diane Stice
1974 Pat Rooney Sylvia Cruz
1975 Stan Conover Laura Baker
1976 Jim Birkes Debbie Dennis
1977 Tod Anthony Billie Helton
1978 Rick Waggoner Becky Miller
1979 Darren Alexander Dana McIver
1980 Billy Day Lynn Pickens
1981 Brian McGowan Anita Mason
1982 Rick DuBois Tina Limon
1983 Stacey Parton Tracy McGowan
1984 Stacy Anthony Paula DuBois
1985 Casey Apsley Christa Kittle
1986 Roger Taton Stephanie Barker
1987 Lacey Parton Stephanie Silva
1988 Jeremy Lee Loreanne Sistrunk
1989 Devin Williamson Shellie Barker
1990 Brandon Keener Tera Kittle
1991 Josh Lopez Mary Cortez
1992 Clint Alexander Rachel Lambert Eric Hargett
1993 Clayton Doerksen Kari Coppedge
1994 Max Folk Shelby Palmgren
1995 Danny Abernathy Laura Kennedy
1996 David Williams Maggie Cortez
1997 Paul Myers Jill Rooney
1998 Tanner Lucas Amanda Holley
1999 Jason Wright Samantha Morales
2000 Marc Limon Heather Figger
2001 Daniel Williams Trini Najera
2002 Rudy Rankin Natalie McDonald Rylan Walters
2003 Rylan Walters Haley Hayden
2004 Kyle Rutledge Casey Jo Wade
2005 Nathan Williams Janell McDonald
2006 Ben Fuentes Tera Rooney
2007 Zach Harlow Kyla Clawson
2008 Kendall Clawson Shelby Hill
2009 Shylo Evans Naura Harlow
2010 Kurtis Clawson Jazmin Longoria
2011 Alan Caro Katy Clawson
2012 Ruben Pando Sarahi Miramontes
2013 Nathaniel Lee Emma Stalker
2014 To be announced soon!


"SATANTA ~ Chief of the Southwest"

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