Jewell County Main Street in Randall, Kansas in 1909.

A brief history of Randall, Kansas

A patent dated December 1, 1873 acknowledged a grant from the United States to Edward D. Randall, and it was filed on February 8, 1876 in record book 4 of patents. Conveying the west half of south east quarter of section 6 township 5 south, range 6 west, Jewell Co., Kansas.

On April 18, 1883 a survey was conducted and the town of Randall was laid out on the above land. It was to be laid on the sw quarter of section 6 T5 R5 & the se quarter of section 1 T5 R7 of the 6th principal meridian, and is bounded as follows: Commencing at a stone being the original Gov, corner to said sections 1 & 6, thence north on section line 6.65 chain to a stone on section line. Thence east 5.38 chains, thence north 10.00 chains. Thence west 5.38 chains to intersect section line thence north on section line 5.00 chains to a stone, thence east 10.24 chains to intersect section line, thence south 4.00 chains to a stone. All the streets are 66 ft. wide, and all the alleys are 16 ft. wide, and all the lots are 120 ft. long by 44 ft. wide. Proprietors of the town of Randall were E.D. Randall, Nelson Crill, Victoria Crill, R.M. Brigham, and E.B. Brigham. Streets and alleys dedicated to public use, reserving the lots and blocks for future sale and disposition filed for record on Dec. 28, 1883.

Four additions were added to the original town site. It was incorporated April 13, 1887 and received a seal.

Randall is said to have been named for E.D. Randall the original owner of the land on which the town was built.

Randall is located in Prairie Township, Jewell Co. Kansas. Five lots on the east were originally located in Allan Township. They were legally set over into Prairie Township.

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