Kingman County Penalosa, Kansas
History of Penalosa
Founded: 1886    Penalosa is a small town in extreme northern Kingman County. It has an extensive co-op and elevator, and two churches. On the north side of town, notice the impressive old school buildings. They are in ruins now, but they still illustrate the pride and vision of the settlers.
Old bank in Penalosa-Photo provided by the Kingman County Historical Society.
The old bank building (later a post office) is not used now, but still contains the old ornate teller cages with marble inserts. It's the oldest building in Penalosa.
Elevation: 1725 feet   
Latitude: 37° 43' 0"N   
Longitude: 98° 19' 10"W   
Population: 27 (2000)   
 21 (1990)   
ZIP Code: 67035   
Area Code: 620   
County Code: KM   


Church of Christ, Penalosa, Kansas.  Photo by Susan Howell. Church Of Christ
(620) 532-2684
112 Spruce
Penalosa United Methodist Church
(620) 644-7811
NW 50th St. & NW 110 Ave.
United Methodist Church, Penalosa, Kansas.  Photo by Susan Howell.




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