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1906 Petition for Incorporation of Morland, Kansas

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    Morland Advance
June 7, 1906
To the Hon. Board of County Commissioners of Graham County, Kansas.
We the undersigned, taxable inhabitants of the village of Morland, Graham County, Kansas, respectfully pray your Honorable Board to declare the village of Morland, Graham County, Kansas, incorporated as a City of the third class to be known as "The City of Morland."
Such city of Morland shall include all of the South East Quarter of Section 14 and all of the North East Quarter of Section 23, both in town 8, Range 25 West of the 6th P.M.
We further petition your Hon. body that said village contains more than 200 inhabitants that your petitioners are a majority of all the taxable inhabitants of said village and that this petition has been published in the "Morland Advance," a weekly newspaper published in said village of Morland, for four consecutive weeks, and that this petition is reasonable.
D. C. Kay  H. Ellis
F. M. Harvey  Dr. G. E. Webber
W. E. Rush  Lewis J. Stitt
Sam Herren  Jas. Ellis
C. A. Cain  S. Summerson
E. H. Melms  O.E. Trosper
Cy Jamison  Z.A. Calvin
Mary S. Calvin  E.O. Morgan
J. R. Stober  G.W. Butler
A. J. McAdams  B.F.B. Stober
Sanders Cain  G.W. Collins
R. A. Collins.  T.M. Jobe
W. W. Goodrow  David Findley
W. I. Laird  W.R. Cunningham
John T. Trosper  Ira Conner
W. Z. Moore  Wm. Millirons
John D. Trosper  W.H. Yohe
G. W. Hummel  M.E. Mitchell
F. Smith  C.H. Murphy
F. J. Schilling  J.W. Weichert
Ed Hay  C.L. Laird
Edw. Voisinet  B.W. St. John
A. Winchester  Tom Heath

from the Morland Centennial (1981)
Used by permission.
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