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1886 Petition To Create New Township

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Millbrook Times
April 9, 1886
To the Honorable Board of County Commissioners:
        We the undersigned citizens of Graham County and legal electors now living in Millbrook and Gettysburg townships, pray your honorable body to set off the following described section of land for the purpose of a township:
        Commencing at ne corner of Section 21, township 7, range 24, running west to the county line, thence south on the county line to the sw corner of Millbrook township, thence east to the se corner of section 16, township 9, range 24, thence north to the place of beginning. Said township to be knowing and designated as the Solomon township and the voting precinct to be located at Fremont townsite; and we ask your honorable body to lay out said described territory in a township according to the law of the State of Kansas.
J. B. Smith    John Williams    G.E. Johnston
E. P. Weida    A.A. Brown    D.M. Findley
Wm. Peterson    David Findley    R. Burt
W. T. Holmes    Alex Keith    R.A. Richmond
C. F. Curl    C. McKinley    I.B. Thayer
E. A. Cadman    A.G. Brock    Charles Hazen
A. C. Luse    James Keith    I.F. Blackman
H. G. Geer    E.E. Biddle    H.E. Hays
E. D. Emery    Henry Keith    T.S. Endicott
H. M. Morgan    George Keith    Jesse C. Clark
Snyder Horton    John Findley    C.H. Foltz
Chas. H. Morgan    John Keith    Thos. Noland
Daniel Smith    John Chadsey    John Waters
Philip Holmes    John M. Glover    T.F. Gaff
Levi M. P. Clark    H.S. Clubb    J. Torbert
John Q. Adams    W.B. Kanoff    J.H. Purcell
John Horton    T.P. Lee    Paul Ulrich
J. S. Dearholt    W.V. Quinn    Matt Freeman
Isaac Covalt                

from the Morland Centennial (1981)
Used by permission.
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