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History of the Morland Assembly of God

Special Events  
            In 1927 two young women named Sarah Garrett and Hannah Nelson came to Morland to begin a Pentecostal work. They held their meetings in the vacated Presbyterian Church.
        On September 14, 1929, the Pentecostal Church in Morland was set in order by the name of Assembly of God under the direction of District Superintendent, Fred Vogler. Rev. J. Wesley Collins was pastor; Lynn Naylor, secretary; M.B. Stokes, treasurer. The following were elected deacons: M.B. Stokes, R.H. Fyler, and Verl H. Glendening.
        In 1929, G.W. Stober donated the land for building a new church. On February 27, 1930, the first church service was held in the new building.
        The original parsonage was an old two room building just south of the new building. A house was moved in for improved living quarters under Rev. W.A. Baker's tenure. It was located just east of the new church building.
        During Rev. Donald Rich's pastorate new pews were purchased for the sanctuary.
        During Rev. Carl Johnston's pastorate, the church was moved from the corner of the block to the present location over a full basement with restrooms. The basement was pushed out by Myron Goff with a small tractor and dozer blade. During the Rev. Hankey's pastorate the basement was improved and a new piano was purchased.
        An addition was added to the south of the church sanctuary. This included the present platform or stage with a classroom on each side and basement under all the new construction. The work was by Bump Construction and volunteer help. This was under the pastorate of Rev. Allen Musbach. The organ was also purchased during this time.
        The present parsonage was built in 1962 during the Rev. Allen Musbach's pastorate.
        The church's front steps were enclosed and restrooms were added upstairs by Borger Construction and volunteers during Rev. Brad Smith's pastorate.
        The complete renovation of the Fellowship Hall in the basement by Town and Country Construction owned by Ron Lemon was during Rev. Brad Smith's pastorate in 1985-86.
        During Rev. Royce Leitner's tenure of pastorate the church made complete renovation of the sanctuary using volunteer labor headed by Lewis Crayton.

Morland Assembly of God Pastors
1927 - Present

Sarah Garret & Hannah (Nelson) Pittman 1927-1929
J. Wesley Collins 1929-1930
Leonard Palmer 1930-1931
O.E. Gaddis 1931
Howard Shelton 1931-1933
C. Berg 1933-1934
W.A. Baker 1934-1940
Joe Garrett 1940-1942
Earl E. Cornelison 1943-1944
Donald Rich 1944-1945
Paul K. Witten 1945-1946
Nettie Juergensen 1947-1948
Edwin Rosenberg 1949-1953
Carl Johnston 1953-1954
Willis Hankey 1954-1958
Allen Musbach 1959-1965 and 1970-1979
Preston Hollis 1966-1969
Richard Cunningham 1980-1982
Steve Knoll 1983-1984
Bradley Smith 1984-1987
Royce Leitner 1987-1997
Kevin Butler 1997-2000
Currently looking for a minister
From the "Millenium Homecoming" pamphlet supplied by the Morland Assembly of God
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