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Dodge City Community College   (800) 225-1321 / Dodge City, KS
DCCC Montezuma Office   (620) 846-2285 / South Gray High School

   Public Schools

Montezuma Grade School
Grade School

        U.S.D. #371 is a district with 200.8 square miles located mainly in southern Gray County and a small area of Meade County. The attendance centers for the district are comprised of the Montezuma Grade School and South Gray High School both located in Montezuma, with the district's junior high students attending South Gray Junior High School in Copeland as a part of a sharing program. U.S.D. #476 and U.S.D. #371 entered into this sharing program in the fall of 1991. U.S.D. #371 junior high students are shuttled to Copeland where they attend classes with U.S.D. #476 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. In return U.S.D. #476 high school students are shuttled to Montezuma to attend school at South Gray High School. This agreement is not a consolidation but a sharing program where the board of education of each district has jurisdiction over the school that is located within that district.

        The district employs two administrators for both schools: a superintendent who is also principal for kindergarten through fifth grade and high school. The assistant principal for kindergarten through fifth grade and high school also serves as curriculum coordinator and activities director. U.S.D. #371 currently employs sixteen females and seven males. This group of people consists of certified staff members with two of them being full time administrators, nineteen full-time teachers, one counselor, and two half-time teachers.


USD 371, South Gray   (620) 846-2293 Fax: (620) 846-2294
101 S. Escalanta / Box 355 / Montezuma, KS 67867-0355

Montezuma High School
High School

The Montezuma Rebel Grade School   (620) 846-2283
High School   (620) 846-2281 Fax: (620) 846-2181
Swimming Pool   (620) 846-2299

   Private Schools

Homeland Christian School   (620) 846-7099 / 9702 EE Rd
Montezuma Mennonite School   (620) 846-2518 / 11506 AA Rd


Ten Little Indians Preschool   (620) 846-2393 / Methodist Church


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