Chase County Bazaar, Kansas

Matfield Green Railroad Days

Elevation: 1430 feet
Latitude: 38° 9' 33"N
Longitude: 96° 33' 37"W
Population: 33 (1990)
 141 (1928)
Area Code: 620
County Code: CS
Matfield Green, in Chase County, is a unique community: small by any standards, but once a railhead for shipping cattle from the Flint Hills. Its history is fascinating, and a few of its elder citizens are known for their story-telling. Held together by the fabric of several large families, the town revolves around their lives.
Juxtaposed against this is a mystique that brings visitors and new residents to settle in the quiet beauty of the prairie landscape. Many have read about the town in William Least Heat-Moon's PrairyErth. Some have learned of its existence through the Land Institute. Others have simply stumbled into the area and fallen in love.
There's only one commercial establishment left in Matfield these days, a cowboy bar/cafe, but many of the area's residents are entrepreneurs, sustaining their lives through ranching, farming, art, and other endeavors.
  Vista scene looking east from Matfield Green, KS. Photo by Kay Gregory.
View from BNSF tracks looking east, just north of Matfield Green, KS.
There are no schools; a library is in the planning stages; there's an old social club, and still one small church. Social activities generally revolve around getting together to make music, pizza parties, workshops and just plain ol' "visiting."
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