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Lifetiles Mural

   Lifetiles Murals

New additions to the Pony Express Plaza are 2 Lifetiles Murals, a Pony Express Mural and a train mural.

These are interactive murals.  When the tiles are viewed from a stationary position they appear as a fixed image.  However, when the viewer moves from one side to another, the embedded images appear to depict motion.

There is no other artwork of this kind in Kansas. Produced by Boston, MA artist, Rufus Seder, the murals are a rare art form.  Every Lifetile is hand-crafted from start to finish.  Each mural measures 4' high and 10' long and consists of 90 individual glass tiles with images embedded in each tile.

The Pony Express Mural is designed to show what the prairie may have looked like as the Pony Express rider left Marysville and headed to the next station.  The train mural, funded by the Union Pacific Railroad, shows an old steam locomotive that will transition into a modern diesel locomotive.

Funding for a 3rd mural is underway, and will depict a variety of images important to Marysville over the years, along with our famous Black Squirrels.

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