Lewis Fire/Rescue/EMS

Lewis's Fire/Rescue/EMS was featured on Smokey Hills Public Broadcasting during EMS week, May 19-25, 2002. We were one of six agencies to be selected out of the entire state of Kansas. Congratulations to a department we should really be proud of. Thanks also to Keith King for his participation and support.



station.jpg (24K)
The new fire station was built in 1999
gear.jpg (28K)
Pictured inside the fire station is the turnout gear and "Rescue Randy"
newrescue.jpg (44K)
This is the new rescue squad, which made its appearance on May 23, 2001
oldrescue.jpg (24K)
This is the old rescue squad that is being retired
personnel.jpg (28K)
Pictured here are some of the fire personnel transferring equipment from the old squad to the new
ruralrescue.jpg (31K)
Lewis also has 2 rural trucks pictured above.
citytrk.jpg (28K)
This is our city tanker, purchased in 2000.
2002ruraltrk.jpg (31K)
This is our newest rural fire truck delivered February 2002.
workers.jpg (28K)
Firemen's Taco Night 2002
This is the 15th annual 4th of July fireworks fundraiser
supporters.jpg (31K)
Thanks for the efforts of the department, and thank YOU for the community support.
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winners.jpg (31K)