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An historic bridge close to Lenora, Kansas

Historic Bridges

For persons interested in historic Bridges two may be found in the Lenora area. They are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
One was on the North Fork Solomon River Lattice Truss Bridge located on Road W, .l mile south of the intersection with Road BB, 1.5 miles west of Lenora, KS.  This bridge has been moved to the Prairie Dog Golf Course at Norton, Kansas.
The other is the Sand Creek Truss Leg Bedstead Bridge, located on Road Y, .5 mile west of the intersection with Route 283; 2 miles north of Route 9 and 6 miles NE of Lenora.

Some Records from the Past

Train picture at Lenora station         - From a late 1800's Lenora newspaper
LENORA was established in 1874, the railroad reached here in 1882, is located on the North Fork of the Solomon River and is the present terminus of the Central Branch Railroad, in one of the finest and best farming and stock raising sections of the state, and has better prospects today for the future, than any town in northwestern Kansas.  Neither the town or county has ever been boomed, but they have grown steadily and together, therefore property can be bought with assurance of it returning a handsome revenue.

The Missouri Pacific air line from Kansas City, Leavenworth, Topeka, and Salina, to Denver is building this way and is within about 75 miles of here and will build through to Denver in the spring forming a junction with the Central Branch Missouri Pacific at this place, or else the Central Branch will build through to Denver in the spring making a division of Lenora between Atchinson and Denver.  There is one thing sure, and that is the Central Branch country is going to a Denver outlet and that in the near future and from this place.  The B & M is considering building southwest from Norton through here and on to southern Colorado.  The Nickle Plate building north from Lakin on the Santa Fe, has been correponding with our business men in regard to building through here.

*   Snippets From Past Newspapers

  • April 1882:  Lenora's population was 34.
  • June 1887:  Lenora's population is nearly 500.
  • July 7, 1887:  Lenora became incorporated as a city of the third class.
  • March 1905:  Lenora men went on strike, when the men shoveling dirt for the street all struck for 20 cents per hour.  The raise wasn't granted so all street work is at a standstill.
  • September 1906:  Lenora can now boast of having the finest opera house in Western Kansas.
  • December 1906:  The dance at the Opera House had the largest crowd of any dance in Western Kansas - 132 dance tickets and 127 spectator seats were sold.
  • February 1908:  Sam Pickering just purchased a MAD stone for 2,000 dollars.  The stone was the one that saved his father's life a year ago.  The stone is claimed to be a sure cure for rabies, snake bites, and blood poisoning.  He will have it in readiness for any case of that kind.
  • July 2 1936:  Grasshoppers swarm into town.  Carl 'Wop' Georgeson built fires in front of the bank and other places.  Lights were turned off to attract the hoppers to the fire.  They say several bushels were burned.
  • July 15, 1936:  Grasshoppers getting worse, have eaten the crops clear to the ground.  The chances of rain have disappeared.  Farmers are trying to find ways to poison the hoppers.  Temperature is 116 degrees.
  • October 6, 1936:  There are 110 men and ten animals working at top speed to get the Lenora Lake spillway done before winter.  The shelter house at Lenora Lake is completed.

Historical information supplied by Corinne Best

City Office
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