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Efforts are ongoing to record and update cemetery information for the Lenora area.  All known lists were compiled and the cemeteries of Lenora East, Lenora South and Prairie Gem were walked and recorded.
Lenora South Cemetery
Lenora South Cemetary with directory at the main gate
The two-year project culminated in a directory placed at the Lenora South Main Gate and another smaller directory in the Lenora East Cemetery.
  • The directory at the Lenora South Cemetery contains a listing of names in all the cemeteries in the Lenora Cemetery District.
  • The Lenora East Cemetery is the older cemetery and often families have members buried in both.
  • The Prairie Gem Cemetery is located 7 miles north and 1/12 miles east of Lenora.

On-line Information

All information currently available on our Lenora area cemeteries is on-line at the Lenora Cemetery Association web-page.
Other Norton County cemeteries are on-line can be accessed at the Norton County Genealogical Society site.
Cemeteries for neighboring counties Graham and Sheridan as well as some Norton County cemeteries can be found on Solomon Valley Chronicles.


A result of all the research has been the beginning of a compilation of obituaries and the effort to also list persons who have been buried but for whom there is currently no stone marking the grave.  Sometimes the information has come from family members and sometimes it comes from burial permits, funeral records and obituaries.
Only those individuals with two pieces of corroborating evidence as listed as an unmarked burial.  This research has led to several stones being placed by family members who wished to honor those ancestors.

Search Requests

Search requests to the Lenora City Office ( will be done on an "as time allows" basis and will not supersede any of the clerk's regular duties.

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