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This tracts the development of the web site at
(The goal is to get rid of the red lines, below.)
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Stevens County
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Web Pages

  1. Main page - Done
    • Why Stevens Co?  What species? Done?
    • Link to contest page. Done
    • Map relative to rest of Kansas showing major highways, relative to Dodge and Liberal.Done Made map more a sketch, without roads, wider overview.
  2. Dining - point to existing dining page on Hugoton's site.  doneSuggest this be expanded with descriptions such as kind of restaurant, hours, and any dining "close by" such as possibly in Moscow.
  3. Lodging - point to existing lodging page on Hugoton's site.  doneWe suggest this be expanded, add special hunters' accommodations, which motels welcome hunters.
  4. Calendar - Started Debbie, this page needs 2002 events such as hunters breakfast, and should probably delete months prior to September.
  5. Contest - a page describing the longest tail feather contest. Done
  6. Hunting Info - Started Need lease area info, where to get licenses, ammunition.  Also items about dogs, vets, taxidermy.  And what, in addition to pheasant and quail, can be successfully hunted?
  7. Transportation - describe where Stevens County is, ways to get there; airport.  What vehicles can be rented if folks fly in? Need this info from SCED
  8. Map of Hugoton Done
  9. Map of Moscow Need a map of Moscow to digitize--best quality you can find.
  10. Map of Walk-in Hunting (PDF) - link to KDW&P's because it will be the most current.  Done This map works only some of the year. It's disabled to create the new one after hunting season and looks like it becomes available again in September. (Removed this link for the time being: 4-21-02). Reinstated the link for 2002 on 9-19-02.
  11. Links - Done Debbie and Vicki, these links should be checked to make sure they still work.
  12. Recipes - Susan to look for some quail recipes she has.... Debbie, I can't find these--can we get some from hunters?
  13. Moscow - KOTN to make small site, independent of SV hunting site.  Done, (but could use more input).
  14. Possibly another page (to be on the safe side).  Hunters Breakfast Page not linked to now but is still there to be revised for 2002.

Notes and Resources

  • Need great words for the main page from SCED. (Done?)
  • Logo for Stevens County hunting to be developed by KOTN. Done
  • Photos with hunters, birds, ... to be supplied by SCED.
  • Color scheme to be fall colors with a light background. Done Text Colors are: #660000 (red-brown) and #006600 (green).  Links are ##006600 (green); visited links are #cc6600 (orange).  Background is in "images/bkgrnd.gif"
  • KOTN to make a small hunting logo for use on Hugoton, Moscow, and other pages to link to hunting site. Done-being used on Hugoton, Moscow, and Stevens County sites


  • Debbie Eshbaugh 620-544-4909 (days): 620-544-8572 (nights)
  • Vicki Hewitt at the Chamber: 620- 544-4305
  • Neal Gillespie at the Chamber: 620- 544-4305


Stevens County Economic Development Board
(620) 544-4305 ·
630 S. Main, Hugoton, KS 67951

Updated: September 19, 2002 · John & Susan Howell · Wichita, Kansas ·

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