Living in Grinnell, KS

We have kids living from Denver to Kansas City along I-70.After retirement from our jobs in Dodge City, Alyce as cook at the middle school there and I as assistant director of special education, we wanted to be able to visit our kids easily.We started looking in towns we liked from WaKeeney to Levant, KS.We also looked at Denver but housing costs were high and the traffic was bad.We narrowed our search in the towns we liked and then at homes in these towns. We found a house we liked in Grinnell and also liked the town, so bought the house and have lived here for three years.

We are certainly glad to be in Grinnell-we have a wonderful lifestyle and excellent quality of life.Some say there is nothing to do in a small town, but thatís not true.We are not the most social of people but we could be busy with community activities all the time.

It would be nice to have a doctor and hospital in town, but it takes less time to drive to the excellent medical facilities in a nearby town than it took to drive across town in Denver to our family doctor.

Grinnell has things we need; lumber and hardware, furniture, groceries, meat locker, insurance-all taken care of in Grinnell.

One of our daughters who is now living in Denver will be moving with her family to Grinnell soon.Another daughter in Denver is tired of city living also and is thinking of moving to a small town. We are hoping she will come here too.

We are glad to be here in Grinnell; there are good people here.

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