The city of Grinnell, Kansas has everything required for the proposed SRS Call/Service Center:


Telecommunication capability:

††† The city is served by S&T Telephone Cooperative.Through S&T we have high speed internet access and can provide the dedicated T-1 lines necessary for the call center.You can find out additional information including contact information on their website, .


Stable power supply:

†††† The city of Grinnell is served by power lines from three different directions into town.If something happened to an electric substation, power could be redirected from another substation.Our electricity has very little voltage fluctuation.Electric service is rarely down more than 30 minutes even during the severest weather.Utility costs for our city are very reasonably priced.



†††† We can provide several options to meet the facilities needed depending on the vendorís requirements.We presently have a township hall located on Main Street that could be remodeled to meet your specifications.If time permitted the community would be willing to erect a completely new building to serve your needs.We already have donations of time, land and money secured.The city would be willing to issue a bond to pay the costs of either a new building or of remodeling the existing structure.As described below the community has the skills to accomplish this in a reasonable length of time.The facility could either be owned by you or a lease would be worked out.


Job pool:

†††† Our community, though small, is located within 30 minutes of several other communities from which to draw job applications.We are located just five miles from an ethanol plant that was started in 2003.They had no trouble filling their need for almost 35 employees.We have very reasonable housing costs, low taxes, and an excellent school system.All necessary living and medical needs are available either in town or within 30 minutes of Grinnell.Grinnell is an exceptional place to call home.


†††† Please take time to peruse the rest of our website.We are quite proud of our community and our accomplishments.Some of the most recent are listed below:


††† Members of our community built and maintain a 9 hole grass green golf course.I have never heard of another community this size having such a facility.


†††† The community recently built an expansion to our fire station.This was accomplished with city funds, a grant, and a totally volunteer labor force that was supervised by several of our local contractors.This was done in order to keep a favorable insurance rating for our town so as to assure low insurance rates.


†† Grinnell has recently embarked on extensive park improvements for our residents.This is again being accomplished with city funds along with donated money and time.


†††† Our community is a member of the Kansas PRIDE program.We have been awarded both the Community of Excellence and the Star Award for the last five years in a row.


†††† When our local grocery store closed the community raised the funds to reopen it as a community owned store.It is still community owned and managed more than 11 years later.


†††† Our community had the need for a library for our children.The funds were raised, a building was donated and we have very nice small library.


†††† Please take the time to follow the link on the home page to the website for our school system.Our website along with the school systemís website were developed and maintained with help by our high school children.Our school has an extensive technology lab and an ITV classroom for distance learning.These could be utilized by your company for training if needed.


†††† As you can see from the above we may be small but we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.We have the work ethic, determination, and skills needed to be successful.Right now we have put our minds and determination into partnering with you to provide the call/service center to the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.


†††† If you have any questions that we have not answered or need additional information please contact the project coordinator listed below:


††††††††††††††††††††† Bernard R. Dickman, CPA††††††††† ††††††††Phone††††† 785-824-3865

††††††††††††††††††††† Grinnell, KS67738†† †††††††††††††††††††††††††E-mail†††††


†††† Thank you from all of the residents of Grinnell, Kansas.We are sure that we have what you are looking for.