Historical Kiowa County Museum in Greensburg, Kansas
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"Greensburg is the livliest town in the state today, for money, marbles or watermelons"

    from the Kiowa County Signal, June 1, 1888

Kiowa County

The Big Well Museum and Gift Shop in Greensburg, Kansas

1941 advertisement for Fairmont's Ice Cream Store in Greensburg, Kansas Greensburg was named for stagecoach driver D. R. "Cannonball" Green. He once ejected Carrie Nation from his coach after she snatched a cigar from his mouth and tossed it away.

On October 23, 1911, Greensburg's first speeding ticket involving an auto was issued for exceeding the speed limit of 10mph.

In 1886, Governor John Martin organized Kiowa County and named it after the native Indians of the area. Small settlements were springing up across the plains. Donald R. Green "Cannonball Green" was instrumental in the organization of Greensburg, the town that would bear his name. Green was elected Kiowa County's first representative in the Kansas legislature in 1889.

Colonel Green was a flamboyant, boastful character. He liked to dominate a crowd while twirling his diamond-studed watch chains. He owned and operated "The Cannonball Stageline." His fine stage coaches and speeding broncos blazed trails which railroads and highways later followed. He took great pride in the speed of his coaches and advertised that even "Father Time" couldn't keep up with the "Cannonball."

His stageline brought stability and prosperity to the towns it served as he helped his passengers become acquainted with prairie life. But his stageline was up-staged when the railroad came to Kiowa County. And that begins the story of the World's Largest Hand Dug Well!


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