Kiowa County

Sunflower Regional Enterprise Facilitation Initiative

Mike Mayberry, facilitator
(620) 825-4708







Regional Enterprise
Facilitation Initiative
Executive Board

Jeanette Siemens, Chairperson
John Kirkbride, ViceChairperson
Dea Corns, Secretary
Paul Olson, Treasurer
George Nusz, Public Relations
Hannah Crater
Annette Duncan
Melanie King

Alternate members
Bob Mosier
Shannon Thom
Roger Masenthin

Full Board Members from Kiowa County
Betty Hamilton
Shirley Rice
Don Richards
Ken Schmidt
Greg Waters

The Sunflower Regional Enterprise Facilitation Initiative was developed as one of three pilot projects awarded by the state of Kansas. The Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing along with the Sirolli Institute and the four sponsoring counties are working together to strengthen our rural economies by providing free confidential assistance to entrepreneurial businesses.

Mike Mayberry was hired as the regional facilitator. A resident of Kiowa, Kansas, Mike has experience, leadership and passion for rural culture and the sustaining of this region.

  • Participating Counties include: Kiowa, Pratt, Barber and Harper

  • Kiowa County Sponsor Organization is Kiowa County Development along with area businesses

  • Assistance is professional, free and confidential

sirolli.comFor more information about the Sirolli Institute

The Kiowa County Development Group pledged support to the Sunflower Enterprise Facilitation

If you are a would-be entrepreneur or have an existing business and live in this four county area, contact Mike Mayberry for free, confidential advice.
For more information contact:

Mike Mayberry


Regional Enterprise Facilitation
409 South 10th, Kiowa, KS 67070
(620) 825-4708

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