Kiowa County

Kiowa County Development Group, Inc.

P.O. Box 787, Greensburg, KS 67054
(620) 723-2825

Working for the Future of Kiowa County








Board of Directors

Bob Mosier, President
Kenneth Schmidt, Vice-Pres.
"Shirley Rice, Sec.
"W. E." Stewart, Treas

Shirley Rice
Franklin Rose
Tom Corns
Betty Hamilton
Stan Robertson
John Rose
Paul Unruh
John Fleener
M. T. Liggett
Roberta Stauth

Kiowa County Development Group, Inc. was organized and incorporated in 1995 for the purpose of encouraging, promoting and assisting economic development and expansion in Kiowa County, Kansas.

Membership in the KCDG is by purchase of one or more shares of common stock at the price of $100.00 per share. Each share carries one vote in the organization.

Purposes of the KCDG are to be carried out by activities approved by the KCDG Board of Directors such as:

  • Purchase and lease or resale of properties in Kiowa County

  • Start-up seed money loans

  • Assistance with applications for grants or loans

The activities of KCDG are carried out by a Board of Directors elected by the member stockholders.

The Kiowa County Development Group pledged support to the Sunflower Enterprise Facilitation

Your membership is welcome and needed. Please consider joining our efforts toward strengthening the economic future of our County.
For more information contact:

Corporate Secretary - Treasurer
Kiowa County Development Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 787, Greensburg, Kansas 67054
(620) 723-2825

or print off and mail the following form to the Secretary - Treasurer.
I am interested in the purchase of stocks and membership in Kiowa
County Development Group, Inc.   Please send the following:

______  Application for membership and purchase of stock
______  Copy of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
______  Roster of current KCDG members
______  Other: __________________________________________________


     Address: ______________________________________
     City: _______________________ State: _____ Zip: ____________

     Phone: __________________ E-mail: __________________________

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