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Goessel was named for Captain Kurt Von Goessel (1852-1895) who went down with his ship, the Elbe, in the English Channel after it was rammed.

Goessel is located in southwestern Marion, [MN], county just off highway K-15. The flat black earth around Goessel is among the world's greatest producers of wheat, in particular the hearty hybrids able to withstand the Midwest winter. The original seed, known as "Turkey Red," was brought to Kansas in the early 1870's by Russian Mennonites who immigrated here after their 100-year exclusion from military service was rescinded. 

West Branch Park, located at Summit and Prospect, contains a walking path, a sand volleyball court, an enclosed shelter house, an open shelter house, tennis court/basketball court, a skate park and public restrooms. New playground equipment was constructed in August of 2005. Two baseball diamonds, located on the north side of Goessel on Athletic Park Drive, were completed in 2001. A new library/community building was completed in August of 1999.

 The Mennonite Heritage Museum in Goessel is almost a village. It is intended to recreate the daily lives of the Mennonite immigrants that settled the area in the 1870's. Also on the museum grounds is a replica of a Mennonite Immigrant House.


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