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-- Public Schools --

USD 334 -- Southern Cloud

USD #334 District Office
P. O. Box 334
619 E. Tootle Ave.
Miltonvale, KS 67466-0334

Glasco High School

101 N. Haynes

Glasco, KS  67445


GO Warriors!

Glasco Grade School

201 N. Haynes

Glasco, KS  67445
GO Braves!


The mission of Glasco High School is to develop well-rounded, morally responsible and self-motivated young adults. We will accomplish this by providing a diverse and challenging curriculum developed and presented by competent, motivated and cooperative staff in a safe, stimulating, educational environment.


Southern Cloud County, serves Glasco and as well as Miltonvale, Kansas.  Innovative programs and services show a commitment to community service.


The grounds of the Glasco Grade School provide a brief overview of the natural habitats found in Kansas. The Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site built around the school building, features desert and dry land on the south, tall grasses on the east, a pond and stream area on the north, and brush & bushes on the west of the building.


-- Pre-School & Day Care --

Glasco Community Pre-School   
409 N. Railroad
Glasco, KS  67445

785-568-2715   /   785-569-1475
                                           (during school hours)

Goddard Day Care
306 E. Potts
Glasco, KS  67445




-- Colleges & Technical Schools --

Cloud County
Community College

2221 Campus Drive
Concordia, KS  66901


North Central Kansas
l College

3033 US 24 Highway

P.O. Box 507
Beloit, KS  67420


GIFTS: Glasco Inspires Free Talent Sharing

A Free University  to enrich your days and stretch your body and mind!
Spring and Fall Semesters; classes for youth and adults.

Arts  -  Health   -  Civics  -   Fun



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