Post Office Hours

Monday-Friday 7:30-11:30 am. Place outgoing main in outside drop box by 1:00 pm

Licensing Animals in Geneseo

There is an ordinance for licensing and tagging your animals in Geneseo. The new tags are available at the city office for purchase. This year vaccines will not be available in Geneseo, but the city strongly encourages you to get your animals vaccinated and registered.

Cat Population (Free spade and neuter)

The Friends of Animals Rice County is teaming up with the City of Geneseo to help get the cat population under control. Starting August 1st citizens can live catch/ trap cats in town and take them to Sterling Vet to be spade and neutered for free and returned to town. This will cut down on the kittens that will be in town in the future, and eventually cut down on the cat population. Live traps can be picked up at the Friends of Animals with a deposit.

This is all possible due to a grant being awarded to the Friends of Animals Rice County for the City of Geneseo to help with the cat population. This is only going to be for a limited time so please help the City of Geneseo cut down on the cat population.

Also at any time an animal is caught in a live trap it can be turned in to the City of Geneseo and it will be taken to the pound in Rice County if not registered or claimed by an owner.

Fire Hydrants For Sale

The old fire hydrants that the city removed from the system are now for sale, in the amount of $25.00. Come into the city office and purchase the hydrant and you will receive a receipt to pick up your hydrant.

Comunicate with the Mayor

and Council Members

The Mayor and City Council Members all have official email addresses so you can let your views on City business be known. Their addresses are as follows:
  • Mayor Carolyn Kratzer
  • Becky Cory
  • Jim Bloodworth
  • Marvin Foster
  • Tom Rathbun
  • Jan Turner

Back to School!!

USD 112 Central Plains
Enrollment August 6th-August 7th
First School Day August 20th

USD 327 Ellsworth, Kanopolis
Enrollment August 6th-August 8th
First School Day August 15th

USD 401 Chase, Raymond
Enrollment August 6th- August 7th
First School Day August 22nd

USD 405 Lyons
Enrollment August 1st-2nd
First School Day August 16th

City Hall
(620) 824-6232
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June 3,2013

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