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Galva, Kansas city hall.  Photo by Susan Howell
City Hall
  The city of Galva was incorporated in 1887 and has a Mayor-Council form of government

Elected Officials

Mayor: Wayne Ford

Council Members:
  • Myrna Walline
  • Leann Somers
  • Larry Tredway
  • Barbara Roe
  • David Andes

City Staff:

  • City Clerk: Lori Tector
  • Assistant City Clerk/Treasurer: Cassie Becker
  • City Superintendent: Mark Hoppes
  • Assistant City Superintendent: Brantley Unruh
  • City Police: Staci Curl
    The police can be contacted at the Police Office in Galva at 620-654-3211 or dispatched through the county dispatcher by calling 911
  • Fire Department: Wayne Williams, Fire Chief.
    McPherson County Rural Fire District #9 protects 84 square miles which includes the City of Galva. The volunteer staff responds to fire and medical emergencies from the main station in Galva and the substation located 6 miles north of town. Of the 36 volunteers, seven are EMT's and two are first responders. Training sessions are held each Thursday evening.
    The fire department is paged out for calls by McPherson County 911 system.
    The fire department has 12 up-to-date fire trucks. The newest truck being a 2006 Freightliner 4-door crew cab pumper with a 1,000 gallon water tank, two other pumpers, two tank trucks, five quick-attack trucks that carry 300-500 gallons of water, one rescue truck and a fire chief's command vehicle. Over 8,000 gallons of water is available and on trucks at all times. Three of the fire trucks have portable generators for lighting, fans, and tools. The rescue truck is equipped with the Jaws of Life, cutters and spreaders, high pressure air bags, automatic external defibrillator (AED), backboards, splints and a full range of medical supplies.
    ISO rating
    March 2004,we were able to lower our ISO to a 6/10 rating. This means anyone who lives 5 miles from our main station or substation is rated as a 6. This was lowered from an 8/10 just a few years ago. Anyone farther than 5 miles is a 10 rating.
    These ratings were lowered by being tested from a representative of ISO on our ability to supply water in our district at 250 gallons per minute for two hours continually at different residences and businesses. ISO also checked pump testings, hose testings, hydrant testings, training records, dump tank and pumping times, drafting times, hydrant hook up times, water records, and truck maintance.

Fire Department
Galva City Hall
(620) 654-3561
208 S Main
Galva, KS 67443
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