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Old bank in downtown Eskridge, Kansas

·               Cable

Galaxy Cablevision 1-800-365-6988


·               Electricity

Westar Energy   Customer Service 800-383-1183


·               Gas

City of Eskridge 785-449-2621

             What to do if you smell gas

·               Local Internet Service

KansasNet   (785) 776-1452 (in Manhattan)   info@kansas.net


·               Sewer, Trash, and Water

City of Eskridge 785-449-2621


·               Telephone

             Embarq Customer Service 800-788-3500



·                           Lake Wabaunsee Residents – City of Eskridge is the supplier for natural gas.  Contact Lake Wabaunsee Improvement District for your water, sewer and trash services at 785-449-7271.


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City of Eskridge
(785) 449-2621
110 S. Main / Eskridge, KS 66423

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