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 WWII Gold Star Boys from Elk City


In 2007 the Elk City VFW decided it would be a nice idea to have a picture of our Gold Star Boys who gave their lives during a war. They have crosses in the fenced in Memorial which is the focus of the annual VFW program on Memorial Day. Here are the boys with their picture. The information about the Gold Star Boys comes from a book published in Elk City in the late 1940's or very early 1950's, no publishing date is found but it was published by Ned Davis of the Elk City Sun. The inside page reads: Service Record Book of Men and Women of Elk City, Kansas and Community sponsored by the Memorial Post No. 7254 VFW Assisted by the Elk City and Community Business Men.

The book contains a lot of the veterans of WWII and some of WWI but we are only providing the picture and details on the Gold Star men:

Kenneth Cook Kenneth D. Cook, entered the Navy July 12, 1943 Trained at Cornell University Ithaca, N. Y. went Overseas Mrch 22, 1944, Killed in action September 24, 1944. Delayne Denbo Delayne Denbo entered Air Corps February 1, 1943, trained in Sarasota, Florida with Squadron O, 336th CCTS, Base Unit SAAF, served thirty months lost his life July 17, 1945 near Salina, Kansas at Smoky Hill Army Air Base.
Gilbert Dreher Gilbert Dreher, entered Infantry July 21, 1943, trained at Camp Adair, Oregon, went overseas December 1944, Theatre of Operation European, Engagement fought with 70th infantry division, Killed in action at Farback, France March 17, 1945. Donald Harper Donald Harper entered Infantry, Army, Febrary 13, 1941. Trained Camp Barkeley, Texas, went over seas August 1941, Theatre of Operations: Phillippines, Engagement Leyle.
Cleo Homer Gates Cleo Homer Gates entered 8th Air Force, May 1943. Trained at Amarillo, Texas, Engagement Raid over Haley, Germany. Missing in Action on a bombing mission over Germany, August 16, 1944. Dale James Dale James, born July 14, 1917 died June 3, 1944 in the line of duty, Salinas, California. NO other info available.
Ivan James Kniffen Ivan James Kniffen, entered 32nd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron October 19, 1940, trained at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma; Tampa, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Shreveport Greenville, South Carolina, Gainesville, Texas. Went Overseas April 1, 1944, reported missing April 20, 1944. Merle K. Roberts Merle K. Roberts, entered Army Headquarters Battery February 20, 1943, 59th Anti-aircraft Artillery Brigade. Trained at Camp Wallace, Texas, Mojave Dessert, California, Camp Haan, California. Overseas January 1, 1945, Theatre of Operations Marianas Islands on Saipan, killed in action on June 8, 1945 on Saipan
Chas. Stark Jr. Chas. Stark Jr. entered Infantry March 31, 1943. Trained at Camp Blanding, Florida, overseas September 9, 1944 Killed in action in Germany December 16, 1944 Lawrence Hutchens Lawrence Hutchens, WW I Company C 353 Infantry, 89th Division, Born December 10, 1891 Killed in Action October 25, 1918 at Meuse-Argonne Offensive

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