Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 Elk City

Cable TV      Satalite Service - Direct TV or Dish Network are available.
Electricity (Westar Energy), Independence, KS   1-800-794-6101
Gas Atmos Gas & Energy, Independence, KS   1-888-442-1313
Internet Service Totel Customer Services, Inc.(totelcsi) (918)535-2208 (toll free from any Totah Exchange)
Telephone Totah Telephone Co.  (918) 535-2208 (toll free from any Totah Exchange)
Box 300, Ochelata, OK 74051
History of the Totah Telephone Co.
History of Telephones in Elk City
Water Elk City Water System - City Clerk's office   (620) 627-2483

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July 25, 2005 / Sandy Faler, Elk City, Kansas /

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