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 History of the
Sunflower Club

        In 1913 some rural ladies decided to organize a club and called it "The Old Maids Club". Some members were Maude Loving, Opsie Eversole and Lizzie Aemisegger. Later, as the club expanded with married ladies joining the name was changed to the XYZ Club for awhile. In 1926 they chose the name "Sunflower Club" choosing their colors as yellow and brown, their flower the sunflower and the club song "Home on the Range".

In the early years of the Club the hostess would have tea towels or maybe a quilt blocks for the guests to embroider. Some of the members in the 40's, 50's and 60's were Cora Goodwin, Irene Merritt, Clara Frizell, Cora Hiatt, Della Bennett, Mattie Bobbit, Pearl James, Clara Lynd, Edith Brookshire, Thelma Edmonds, Ethel Ward, Thelma Fankhouser, Opal Ellison, Melissa Schwatken, Ada Trollip, Alice Vaughn, Lillie Schwatken, Jessie Schwatken and Vadis Kimrey.

Some who joined later were Vida Furnas, Anna Slater, Edna Koger, Mary Vaughn, Bernice Couch, Laura Newkirk, Jessie Owen, Carrie Estep, Emma Kate Hamilton and others.

Roll calls have consisted of "Your First School Teacher", "Something naughty I did in school", "My favorite pie" or "A windy story". Our entertainment consists of playing Bingo with each person bringing three wrapped gifts for prizes.

We also contribute to the Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, and to the Cemetery Association. We now have eleven members with Ferne Traylor as President, Vadis Kimrey as Vice President, Sharon Vance as secretary and Fern Gere as Treasurer. Sharon Vance is also the reporter. Officer updated for 2001

Vadis Kimrey's mother Lillie Schwatken and Vadis' grandmother Melissa Schwatken were club members in the 40's and 50's. Vadis has been a member for 53 years.

History written by Vadis Kimrey in 1999

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