Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

The Snowfall

Author James E. Foster

Peaceful the night the snowflakes fell.

There's candlelight glowing from the windowsill.

Snuggle up warm tomorrow's a new day,
for the land will be covered and show no way.
Come early light we've a new trail to make.

To where it ends time it will take.

The candlelight out and all is to sleep ....


not for the litle ones,
for the window they creep.

Watching the white specks dancing in flurry.

Wishing for the morning to come in a hurry.

Inward with elegance transforming all,
as the little snowflakes all make their fall.

Wake up, wake up and take a look out!

Do let your eyes wonder about !

So beautiful is the sight the evensong hailed.

Come my children,
let's go make that trail.

Copyright ©1990 James Foster

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