Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 Picture of Radical School 
about 1890


    Picture of 1889/1890 Radical Rural School

Radical School District #7 about 1890

Donated by Mike Seaver 41 Students - Teacher Miss Eva Eppler

Front Row: Dick Bretches, Jake Moore, Fred Diverson, Wes Karnes, Pat Breathe, Arthur Rogers, Mac Stewart, Homer Bretches, Freda VanCleave, Birdie Stewart

2nd Row: May Taylor, Ethel Hinson, Mayme Murphy, Flora Hayes, Lizzie Murphy, May Bretches, Florinea Moorel, Sarah Adams

3rd Row: Bill Beathe, Milt Bretches, Charlie Ringle, Bert Bretches, Mont Hayes, Jim Rogers, Cora Murphy, Cynthia Stewart, Arthur Shellenburger, Harvy Rutter, John Comption, Jesse Murphy, unknown

4th Row: Oscar Hayes, Ora Hayes, Grant Clevenger, Nora Clevenger, Ida Murphy, Ed Ringle, Cassie Beathe, Miss Eva Eppler (Teacher), Lou Shellenburger, Leta Stewart, Lora Blizzard
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