Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

Remember New York!

Author J. D. Cox

"Remember New York!" comes forth now our cry.
And we'll drink from this cup until it is dry.
You are my friend, my sister, my brother.
One nation, we share one with each other.

September 11, 2001
Life as we knew it, was soon to be gone.
Above the great city two columns stood tall
By sinister means, that day they would fall

The spirit that raised them, can never be broken
It has lived and breathed, not just plain spoken.
On this clear and beautiful day,
Harm was to come, this time our way.

They stole our three planes, and committed their act
Yet our nation's foundation remains still intact.
The American fabric - it had not been torn,
But our national spirit had been reborn.

That wasn't to be their last wicked deed
With a fourth plane, they would not succeed.
Passengers aboard were soon to strike back.
Those heroes - they stopped a fourth such attack.

Firefighters - hundreds did perish
Leaving behind friends, family they cherish.
The words and songs came loudly and clear
Around the world from whom we did hear.

Our friends today grasped tightly our hand
and shoulder to shoulder, with us they'll stand!
With you we share, our community's grief
In your courage, we hold our belief.

"Remember New York!" comes forth now our cry.
And we'll drink from this cup until it is dry.
Never before on earth have the nations,
Had nobler goals than these obligations.

To vanquish the world of all terrorist evil
And pursue happiness for all of its people.
From city to city all across this vast land
The millions upon millions do understand.

A difficult struggle - It's clear it will be,
It's one from which we cannot just flee.
Enemy mine, I know but his name
But not why my country does he so blame,

To fall the great pillars, that was his task,
Though he hides under rocks and behind his own mask.

With this awful and treacherous deed
He thought he could immensely succeed,
In breaking our will and breaking our back.
Yet it's HIS fiendish camp that we shall sack!

New Yorkers in your dark hour of need,
We will stay by your side until we succeed.
Committed and resolved as never before
There's no other choice but total war!

Lady Liberty on Tuesday, shed a great tear
For all her thousands who had fallen so near.
We send not self-doubt, nor sorrow, not pity
Instead we lift up all of New York City.

To meet this great goal, we now must sustain,
So that their deaths should not be in vain.
Together we stand, united and strong
Singing the same American song.

No matter how hard, or long it may take,
"Remember New York!" comes forth now our cry.
And we'll drink from this cup until it is dry.

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November 15, 2001 / Sandy Faler, Elk City, Kansas /

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