Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

by Ardith Springer

A single tear rolled down my cheek
A silent scream my lips did speak
When first I knew you'd lied

With promises made
I forgave
My heart began to mend

A second lie
To my surprise
Rent my heart again

So twice forgave
But scars were made
New trust I did intend

And now at last
Much time has passed
The lies too many to count

No tears I cried
With your last lies
My eyes had just run out

So I have found
When lies abound
Trust simply can't contend

My heart is torn
My love forlorn
For love, lies do consume

And now my friend
I'm to the end
Remember my sad tale

Love and trust
Are turned to dust
If with lies they are impaled

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July 5, 2006 / Elk City PRIDE, Elk City, Kansas /

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