Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 My Sister

Author Aline Bruce
The Author has been a long time residence of Elk City

I know a gal who goes along
and does her best each day,
to help her friends and
walks the straight and narrow way.

She has no great amount of skills
But only knows hard work
And when a job is to be done
I have never seen her shirk.

This gal is the kind of gal
we find most everywhere.
A humble and God-fearing soul
with energy to spare.

A gal who greets each new born day
with a light heart and a song.
She wears a smile upon her face
even when things go wrong.

A Credit to Elk City,
since the first day she came.
This is my conception
of my Sister, Ruby.

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May 15, 2000 / Sandy Faler, Elk City, Kansas /

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