Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 The Way We Know It

Author Allison Osburn

Allison is 14 & an eighth grader at Elk Valley School. She enjoys writing & reading. She is involved in softball, volleyball & basketball at school. She participates in the local teen youth group at church. Her pets are a dog named Cotton & a cat named Dolly.


We go through life day after day
Not knowing what to say

Always trying to do our best,
and not to be like all the rest.

We see each other as friends for life,
While others bear their own grief and strife.

Life it seems, is as simple as winning a card game,
But turn the wrong card and you have lost your claim to fame.

To achieve our goals we must stay in the light,
For once we cloud over, our goals won't seem so bright.

I tell you this from deep within, and though some of it may seem confusing,
I know you will understand in the end.

We see more during our life than what is believed,
For most of us it is what we have conceived.

As we all know, the world will be gone some day,
But the question is, "Where will you stand and
What will you have to say".

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April 10, 2001 / Sandy Faler, Elk City, Kansas /

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