Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 Joey's Prayer

Author Violet Poeling
Mrs. Poeling has had several short stories published

"Joey doesn't think of this as a prayer. To him a prayer is just "Lay me down to sleep - bless mother and daddy," and all that, but, he loves to talk to Jesus sometimes when he is all alone ... so we find Joey tonight:

"Jesus, this has been a terrible day, just terrible all day. First, I fell out of bed and landed on the cat. I couldn't find my other shoe, so I have to wear the brown ones and I don't like the brown ones. I took hold of the Cat's ear and he squealed; Dad sent me to his study 'to think it over'.

"I'm not to lay a hand on his books. I didn't touch them with either hand, just my elbow. I'm not to touch the typewriter; the letter E doesn't work, but Dad doesn't know that. "Don't bother the telephone," and Jesus, I think I called Australia.

"At lunch time the dog ate half my peanut butter and jelly sandwich - the best half - I was saving it until last. He won't drink, my milk though, but, mother says I will. Most of it spilled anyhow.

"Jimmy got my favorite red truck - I have to play with the blue one. The red one is better.

"Aunt Susie stops by 'for just a minute' and she kisses me right out in the yard and sure enough, Charley, next door, is watching. Wish she'd give me candy outside and kisses after we come inside the house.

"The dog swallowed the cork from my cork gun. He swallowed it all the way down and I couldn't even see it.

"My bath water was too hot - soap got in my eye and my marble went down the drain.

"I can't go to sleep at nap time, the pillow tears and then I dream a giant spaghetti is chasing me.

"looks like this whole day is just rotten, Jesus.

"Baby broke my crayon and stuck her wet rattle in my eye - then SHE cried.

"I tore my favorite patched pants and had to wear a new pair. I hate new pants, they just aren't friendly.

"The step broke on my tree house and I hit my elbow with the hammer. Mother put greasy medicine on it, I like the red kind better.

"We had steak and baked potatoes for dinner. I don't like steak, it takes too long to chew it and all potatoes should be potatoe chips. If I don't eat, I don't get dessert, but I don't like rice pudding anyhow.

"The cat wants to sleep with Jimmy instead of me.

"The baby is crying and I have to wear my bunny rabbit pajamas. And I don't like bunny rabbit pajamas.

"It's been a terrible day - just plain yucky - mother says some days are like that! I wonder if babies have bad days, too, sure sounds like it.

"I'm going to sleep with my pet turtle. He chases the bad dreams away.

"I still haven't found my other shoes. Daddy came home and he says 'Don't bother me now, son, I've had a terrible day.' Guess this was just a bad day for everyone.

"Goodnight, Jesus, (yawn), and make tomorrow a nice day .... Please ....zzzzz."

"This is a day the Lord has made - let us rejoice and be glad in it." But even our problems look small to Jesus, but He doesn't say, "Don't bother me now, I'm tired - I've had a bad day."

"Knowing our infirmities and knowing we are weak in the flesh, He has compassion on us..."

"Be ye kind, tenderhearted, loving one another," includes kids, too.

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