Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 Hunting with Joe

written by Rex Morse

When November rolls around with a chill in the air
It just happens to be my favorite time of year.

Sometimes we start with breakfast
If Joes invitin don't take me long to say YES!

He cooks a meal that's fit for a king
If I could carry a tune it might make me sing.

When we go out huntin we always get our limits
Sometimes it's 8 birds, but mostly 3 hours and some minutes.

When a dogs on point and frozen still
I've seen Joe get excited and run up hill

I don't know where he gets all his energy to get around
I take the same steps, feels like he's walking me into the ground.

He rolls under or through fences with ease
When I try and get hung up, I beg "Come help me, please".

He's such a good shot and quick on the draw
With shootin like that it should be against the law.

When we shoot at the same bird He says, "You got it",
I think he just wants me to carry it in my pocket.

We've went through quite a few dogs but what the heck
I've seen one hit a post and break his neck.

Joe had one dog this year must have chocked on a bone
Before he could take him to a vet, he was cold as stone.

When the hunt is over and the guns put away
We sometimes have a drink and recall
The thoughts of the day.

I had a choice, a wedding or here tonight
When my wife gets back from the wedding, there might be a fight.

I'll always look up to Joe kinda like a father
There's been a few times, I've seen him walk on water.

When it comes to perfection and you're talking about Joe
He's about the closest human being that I know.

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