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1924 Model T firetruck in Elk City, Kansas
       Elk City's working 1924 Model T Firetruck
Elk City is located in the northwest portion of Montgomery County where the Duck & Salt Creek flow into the Elk River. The present day location of Elk City was originally on land belonging to the Osage Indians. The beginning of Elk City was 3 trading posts, the Davis, Kopple and G.L. Canada. The town company was organized in Dec. 1868. A Postoffice was started in 1869.

The town became incorporated in March 18, 1871 and a municipal government was elected in 1871, which is still in use today. In 1871 the school boasted of 42 students and by 1886 the enrollment was 380 students. A new project started in August of 2000 is the Elk City High School Classes of the Past. Classes of the past. In the year of 1871, free lots were given to people that would build on them and aid the town growth.

Harry Woodring was born in 1890 and raised in Elk City. As a boy he worked as a janitor/office boy for the Elk City Bank working his way up to Bookkeeper and Cashier. Mr. Woodring in later years became Governnor of Kansas, serving from 1931 to 1933 and also became Secretary of War during the 2nd administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt serving from 1937 through 1940.

The ford at Elk City The picture at the left is from an original painting by J. N. (Noel) Hayward painted in 1963. The picture shows the Davis Trading Post in 1869, one of the first in Montgomery County. The post was set up by Lewis Davis to serve the Indians in the area. The painting was presented to the Elk City High School by Mr. Hayward. When the High School closed, the Commercial Club salvaged the painting and it now hangs in the Community Building for all to see.

Noel was the grandson of O. T. Hayward and J. H. Rice. His Great-grandfather was William Stewart, one of the early settlers and mayors of Elk City.

The painting was made into postcards which are available through the Elk City PRIDE Organization. For information contact

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