Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 A Fable from Within

Author James E. Foster
First published with The National Library of  Poetry in the Year 2000

The smile ...
Whispers from a breeze ...
A gentle touch, all seems to come from thee.

Will we ever meet?

I feel your soul, I touch its happiness,
I know your pain,
you must be close to me.

Eternal memory is but a mist covered trail.
Where earth meets the sky,
miles give not the tale.

Desire fills my dreams,
your hands I beg to grasp,
the need for your warmth to flow unto me,
the smile I long to see.

'Tis with all tales of passion ...

You're but a mist,
A ghost within me,
an image I'll always carry,
what is not, nor never was,
what I dearly wish could be.

Copyright ©2000 James Foster

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