Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 Elk City Business
 in 1871

    These Elk City Business's were listed in the
    South East Kansas Tribune dated March 29,1871

    The Business of the town is represented as follows:
    H. C. Sherman, dealer in dry goods, groceries, & c
    A. E. Baird, dry goods, groceries and clothing.
    A. Runge, dry goods, clothing, & c
    F. Lewington, dry goods
    T. J. Brown, meat market
    Crew & Adair, bakery and restaurant
    E. Fundickar, restaurant
    Elk City House, Alex Rich proprietor
    German House, Heyte, proprietor
    Wm. Gipson, photographer
    A. H. Baird, attorney at law, notary public and conveyancer
    R. E. Burns, attorney at law
    Sherman & Dannettell, real estate and insurance, agents and attorneys at law
    Prentiss & Smith, hardware, cutlery and agricultural implements
    H. W. Miller, druggist
    Turner & Son, druggists and grocers
    M. D. Wright, books and stationery
    John Lippel, harness maker
    G. Koehne, manufacture and dealer in furniture
    John Schmidt, barber and hairdresser
    Whig Southard, postmaster
    L. P. Tipton, billiard hall
    D. P. McVey, physician and surgeon
    H. W. Miller, physician and surgeon
    J. Vilkinson, physician and surgeon
    T. J. Woodring, physician and surgeon
    H. P. Morgan, blacksmith
    T. J. Brown, blacksmith
    H. C. Coats, wagon maker
    C. C. Conine, wagon maker
    Chas. Soutbard, Price and Votaw, house and sign painters
    T. J. Brown, saw mill
    Durr & Oswalt, saw and grist mill
    P. E. Sirias, shingle machine
    M. E. Reed, shingle machine

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