Montgomery County Elk City, Kansas

 Civil War Veterans 


    Adam, J. H.-Union- b. 1846 d. 1931
    Adamson, George F.-Union-Co.K 97 Ohio Infantry, b. 12-9-1844 d. 12-8-1914
    Aiken, Henry-Union b. 1-12-1839 d. 3-29- 1940
    Allen, B.F.-Union (•Co. H Reg.48, Ill.) b. 1-31-1833 d. 1-21-1912
    Allred, James-Union- Teamster - b. 3-25-1834 d. 10-12- 1894
    Appleget, Stephen b. 8-9-1826 d. 9-20-1908
    Bacon, John T.-Union Co.C 29 Wisconsin Infantry no dates available
    Bailey, Dan L.-Union Co.I 40 Iowa Inf. No dates available
    Banks, John-Union West Virginia Vol. Army Co 1 1st Reg. b. 1840 d. 4-14-1885
    Barnes, Martin O.-Union-b. 10-31-1837 d. 3-29-1909
    Beal, John-Union-(•Co.A 75th Reg. Ill.)b. 5-18-1838 d. 12-10-1915
    The information on Berryman below came from a historian of the confederate army. He gave the info below. Mr. Berryman is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery and we adding him to the Civil War Roster from Elk City
    Berryman, John W. Confederate Captain Co. B, 1st Missouri Vol. CSA
    Bishop, Peter C.-Union - Cpl.Co.G 42 New York Infantry No dates on stone,
    City death record shows d. 7-9-1922

    Borders, John-Union-(•Co.H 2nd Reg. Ind.)b. 5-2-1827 d. 4-25-1919
    Brinkerhoff, Herman Richard-Union- b. 1841 d. 1924
    City Death Record shows 10-8-1924

    Brooking, R.L.-Union Co.D 7th Mo. OSN Calvery no other dates available
    Brown, Joseph A.-Union (• Co.K 16th Wis. V V O) b. 8-1847 d. 6-1920
    Brown, John - Co. K 12th Reg.Kansas vol. from Mound City, Ks. 1862-65
    b. 6-17-1843 Ray Co. Mo. d. 4-23-1935 Independence Ks. info from family of John Brown
    Bryant, David L.-Union- Co. H 9th Reg. Ind. Vol b. April 20, 1841 d.June 17, 1902
    Bryant, John B.-Union- Co. B 59th Indiana Vol. Inf. b. 3-13-1830 d. 8-28-1913
    Buchanan, Andrew J.-Union Co.I 18 Ohio Inf. b. 1-9-1842 d. 7-15-1927
    Burdick, H.H.-Union (• Co. H 3rd Wis. Cal.)died 4-7-1918
    Bergner, Abraham-Union Co.I 82nd Ohio Infantry no dates available
    Burton, Cyrus M.-Union 170 Ohio NCI Stg. b. 7-1-1834 d. 12-14-1910
    Chandler, Abraham-Union (• Co. M 11th Kansas Calv.) b.1-4-1812 d. 6-10-1890
    Coleman, W. H.-Union- b. 5-31-1843 d. 5-8-1913
    Coleman, Joseph A.-Union- b. 8-1847 d. 6-1920
    Cross, Milton-Union- Co. C 93 Ill. Inf. b. 2-18-1838 d. 3-5-1894
    Curlis,Asher-Union- Co. G 153 Ohio Inf. b. 2-4-1825 d. 12-9-1891
    Davis, James B.-Union 12th Illinois Vol. Infantry b. 3-9-1839 d. 2-16-1909
    Davis, Lewis A.-Union-(• Co. C Kansas 16th Reg.)
    b. 11-7-1820 d. 2-2-1890
    Davis, John P.T. b. 1841 d. 1926
    Denton, George W.-Confederate- b. 2-23-1842 d. 7-2-1911
    Dixon, Samuel M.or L.-Union Co. A 49 or 43 Ohio Infantry No dates available
    Downard, Wm. P. - b.11-5-1839 d. 6-7-1904
    Dumond, Henry (•H.H. Dumand) -Union Co. K 63 Illinois Vol. b. 11-11-1842 d. 5-3-1926
    Ellis, Abraham-Union-b. 4-22-1815 d. 3-14-1885
    Ervin, Jasper E.-Union- b. 6-24-1846 No death date on stone
    City Death Record shows d. 3-5-1930

    Faler, D.H.-Union-Co.F 9th Regiment Kansas Vol Calvery
    b. 7-30-1839 d. 4-28-1898
    Freel, Thomas-Union-Co. F 29th Iowa, b. 10-1-1833 d. 3-22-1897
    Greenburg, Nelson E.-Union-b. 10-8-1832 d. 12-8-1912
    Greenleaf, Levi K.-Union 10th Illinois Volunteer b. 6-23-1835 d. 8-14-1918
    Hall, Isaac-Union Co. C 116 Indiana Infantry no information available
    Hare, Henry H.-Union (• Co. K 86th Ill. Inf)
    City Death Record d. 10-16-1923

    Harmon, David W.-Union- (•Capt. 13th Ind.) b. 8-1-1818 d. 1-14-1899
    Harmon, Joseph C.-Union b. 5-9-1853 d. 6-11-1920
    Hedges, Obed N.-Union Co. C 155th Ohio Regular b. 1839 d.1927
    City Death Record has 3-29-1927

    Helms, James b. 1833 d. 1910
    Hope, Charles C.-Union-Co.A 77th Iowa b. 12-16-1844 d. 6-13-1895
    Hoppes, Asa E.-Union Co. H 55 Ohio Infantry d. 7-20-1919
    Horton, Ebenezer N.Union- b. 9-30-1846 d, 12-14-1912
    Jones, John (•Co.I, Ky. 4th Reg.) b. 2-11-1830 d. 10-5-1916
    Kelly, James M.-Union- b. 9-10-1839 d. 1-16-1926
    Kelly, Elias - Union - b. 3-10-1803 d. 2-24-1873
    Kemper, Henry - Union (•Co. A 28th Ill. Inf) b. 1846 d. 6-12-1936
    Kimbrough, Demetrius b. 1839 d. 1929
    Kenaston, Rev. O.C.-Union-b.8-15-1843 d. 2-2-1896 aged 52 yrs. 5 Mo. 18 D
    Lane, Joseph-Confederate b. 10-28-1840 d. 2-5-1894
    Mathies, Henry-Union-b. 1832 d 1910
    McCollum, Malcom L.-Union-b. 8-23-1846 d. 10-4-1920
    McDonnell, Donald-Union Co B 6 Kansas Calvary b. 9-1842 died 8-20-1917
    McGilton, Israel "Isaac"-Union West Virginia Vol. Infantry b. 1816 d. 3-10-1876
    McVay, J. G.-Union Co H 87 OVI Inf. (•Co.C Ohio 141 Reg)
    Elk City Enterprise dated Dec. 27, 1901 obit b. Dec. 24, 1842 d. Dec. 22, 1901
    obit says enlisted in 87th Ohio Dec. 24, 1842, poor health forced his
    discharge. After his health improved he again enlisted in the 141st Ohio.
    Meeks, John-Union Co G 15 Illinois Infantry no dates available
    Metcalf, George Thomas-Confederate-b. 1844 d. 1922
    Metzger, Amos-Union-b. 4-18-1845 d. 8-23-1937
    Miller, James L.-Union Co. C b. 2-18-1841 d. 1-1-1892
    Morrison, J.H.-Union-b. 5-19-1841 d. 5-11-1880
    Morse, G.O.-Union Co B b. 2-21-1836 d. 9-23-1888
    Musson, Willard-Union- b. 1-1-1840 d. 6-5-1916
    Newkirk, Wm.C.-Union Co. G 50th Reg.D Vol
    (• Co. E 50th Ind. Inf.) b.3-26-1838 d. 4-9-1900

    Newton, John W.-Union Co D 164 Ohio NC b. 3-14-1842 d. 12-21-1916
    Noe, David P.-Union Co C 46 Ohio Infantry No dates available on stone
    City Death Record has 11-1-1923

    Painter, Allen-Union Co D 12th Illinois Calvary b.11-30-1839 d. 9-28-1912
    Pendarvis, Henry, (• Co. B 91st Ill Inf.) died 1-3-1923
    Piper, Robert H. Union Co. D 77th (•7th) Indiana Inf. b. 1838 d. 1915
    Quigg, Albert R. -Union- (• Co. E 69th Ind. Vol.) 1843 d. 1918
    City Death Record has 5-27-1918

    Reed, George W.-Union Co. D 7th Reg. Missouri Vol. Calvery b. 9-15-1843 d. 12-24-1938
    Reed, Joal W. (•Co. K 33rd Ind. Vol.) b. 1849 d. 1923
    Rentfro, Joseph-Union (• Co. F. 28th Ill. Vol.) b. 1838 d. 1911
    Rhodes, John W.-Union (• Co. E 193rd Pa. Vol.) b. 4-19-1847 d. 2-15-1895
    Rice, Calvin-Union-Co. D 99th Illinois Inf. No dates available
    Robbins, William-Union b. 7-25-1807 d. 7-16-1882
    Robertson, David J.-Union Co. B 49th Ill Reg b. 4-9-1839 d. 1-8-1915
    Ruble, William S.-Union Co. D 10th Kansas Vol. Infantry. b.2-6-1837 d. 7-8-1917
    Ruble, S.B.-Union(• Co. D 11th Ks V C) b. 2-26-1940 d. 7-29-1899
    Scrantz, Stephen-Union b. 9-21-1828 d. 5-21-1897 age 68 yrs. 6 Mo.
    Seybold, Stephen-Union b. 2-23-1844 d. 10-23-1914
    Shaffer, Robert M.-Union Co A 38th Ohio Inf.(•Co C 36th Ohio) no dates available on stone
    City Death Record 6-29-1922

    Smaltz, Gabriel b. 5-20-1842 d. 2-9-1929
    Southard, Dr. Robert B.-Union (•Co. D 9th Kansas)
    b. 7-10-1814 d. 1-31-1882
    Spencer, Charles L.-Union (• Co. H 47th Iowa)b. 9-22-1840 d. 4-14-1886
    Spencer, Robert E.-Confederate - b. 6-16-1838 d. 5-18-1905
    Stewart, William M.-Union (• Co. D 4th Kansas Vol. Inf.) b. 9-15-1833 d. 12-23-1912
    Stimson, Montcalm J.-Union b. 10-19-1832 d. 6-13-1910
    Stone, Charles R.-Union- Co. I 23rd 1 Cu and Res. Co. died 2-2-1880
    Strauss, James L.-Union-Co. G 37 Ill. b. 2-18-1836 d. 12-15-1897
    Swatzell, Jeremiah P.-Union- (• Co. I 17th Ky. Calv.) b. 7-16-1838 d. 10-15-1901
    Taylor, John-Union US Calvary - African/American - died 1930
    Truitt, Adam-Union Co K 129 Regular Indiana V b. 7-3-1845 d. 11-3-1913
    Turner, Barney-Union Co. K Illinois Vol. died 12-29-1879
    Turner, Jacob R.-Union b. 12-25-1849 d. 4-6-1880
    Walker, Wm F.(orJ)-Union (• Co. K 5th Min. Vol.) b. 2-21-1845 d. 8-2-1910
    Wallace, Townley-Union (• Co. L. 6th Ill. Calv) b. 8-26-1839 d. 3-31-1906
    Watson, Jno-Union Co D 33 Kentucky Inf. info sent from family member John Watson was captured at Munsfordville Ky. about Sept. 18th 1863 and was imprisoned for 9 months before being released. He was then discharged because of poor health developed during that time. He was born in Ireland in 1828 and died in Elk City on February 2, 1900.
    West, Hugh (H.J.)(• Co. E 40th Ind.) b. 1846 d. 1907
    West, S. N.-Union (• Co. G 26th Ind. Vol. Inf.) b. 9-5-1843 d. 8-11-1915
    Whistler, Thomas F.-Union Co K 11ES MD Inf.,
    (• Co. G 9th Md Inf.)(• also listed Co. G 2nd Ind.) b. 1836 d. 1914
    White, T.J.-Union Co I 37th Ind. dates available
    newspaper obit Elk City Globe dated Nov. 29, 1901 b. Nov. 9, 1830 d. Nov. 22, 1901 Wilson, Jesse-Union b. 1842 d. 1930
    Wisdom, Thomas G.-Union Co A 84 Reg Ill b. 7-27-1818 d. 3-3-1895
    Woodring, John W.-Union - Union (• Co. A 18th Ky. Mex. Vol Inf.) b. 1-12-1831 d. 8-1-1891
    Woodring, Hines Union (• Co. B 54th Ind. Inf.)
    (• also H. Woodring Co. B 154th Ind.) b. 1-29-1836 d. 12-14-1928
    Wolf, John M.-Union Co F 80 Indiana Inf. 1st Lt. b. 9-6-1842 d. 3-27-1909
    Wortman, Jacob G.-Union (• Co. E 96th Ohio Inf.) b. 10-23-1835 d. 10-10-1900
    Wright, M.D.-Union (•Co. D 147th Ind.) b. 12-11-1832 d. 12-18-1909

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